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Scrub Clean

The GuardIT® Scrub Clean is an industrial grade degreaser that has been optimised for use with mechanical scrubbers (Ride on and Walk Behind) as well as mop and bucket. The Scrub Clean is a safe alternative that is environmentally responsible, yet a powerful heavy-duty surface degreaser. The Scrub Cleans non corrosive formula ensures that parts in mechanical scrubbers are not corroded away as they normally would with harsh corrosive chemicals which therefore reduces costly repairs to machinery.

Reasons to choose Scrub Clean:

  • Eco Friendly, Readily Biodegradable
  • Heavy Duty Degreaser and Disinfectant
  • Industrial Grade Strength
  • Low Foaming Formula
  • Safe to Use on any Surface
  • Approved for use with Auto Scrubbers
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, Non-Corrosive
  • Product is Concentrated
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Industrial Degreaser Cleaner

Industrial equipment and devices often get contaminated with the accumulation of grease and dust. These stubborn contaminants cannot be removed using just soap or mild detergent.

An industrial degreaser cleaner is a cleaning product that effectively removes even the most stubborn stains from various industrial products.

Industrial degreasers are easy to use and offer flawless results every time you use the products. Protect your industrial machines against deterioration by cleaning their surface regularly.

If you want to get rid of grime and grease, you need a powerful cleaning agent that is formulated solely for cleaning and maintaining industrial and automotive products.

The industrial degreaser is what you need to remove grease, oil, fluids and other types of contaminants. The product that needs to be cleaned can be submerged in a mixture of degreaser and water. This way the grease and oil stains get automatically dissolved from the surface.

Why do you need a degreaser?

With the passage of time, dust, debris and grease become hard to get rid of. Apart from this, oxidation contamination can lead to corrosion and overheating of devices. Using a degreaser will help you clean traces of oil and grease from the equipment and other electrical devices.

At GuardIT Solutions, we offer the widest selection of economical industrial degreaser cleaners. We help our customers choose the right type of industrial degreaser based on the technical cleaning issues they are facing. We supply specific industrial cleaners and degreasers that will help you maintain your machinery, tools and equipment.

Industrial degreaser cleaner can be applied with water on different surfaces for a deep cleaning effect. Our products are quite popular among the customers as they do not require any rigorous cleaning or scrubbing of the area afterwards. The effortless application of the degreaser without the use of any specialised cleaning gear or supplies is what makes it the best cleaning agent.

Surface Degreaser Cleaner

Looking for a time-saving surface degreaser?

We bring you the ultimate range of cleaning solutions that are reactive to oils and grease stains. You will receive the best cleaning results in no time. These products are formulating to offer quick cleaning results.

We at GuardIT Solutions offer cost-effective scrub cleaner and degreasers.

Discover a seamless and unique cleaning experience with us. Talk to our experts and they will guide you in choosing a reliable degreaser that caters to your needs.

Why choose our degreaser solutions?

Industrial degreasers are the most advanced grease removing agents you can shop for. They are ideal for various commercial and industrial settings.

  • 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Made from the finest natural ingredients
  • Economical cleaning solution
  • Biodegradable and non-flammable
  • Removes even the toughest stains
  • Performs an efficient cleaning job

The surface degreaser has the ability to clean ferrous and non-ferrous metals equally. The metal will remain protected again corrosion. These heavy-duty cleaning agents easily removes oil marks and stains without affecting the quality of the metal surface.

Select the best cleaning agents instead of wasting your time and money on low-quality products.

Try our industrial degreaser cleaners today.

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