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Porous Stone Sealer


Natural stone is porous and requires the use of a quality sealer to maintain its appearance. Protect your concrete from any type of damages, stains and spills with the help of the best stone sealer.

Stains are debris are not the only two things you need to protect the pavers and other surfaces from. Adverse weather and humidity can also inflict damage to the outer surfaces. The sealer blocks the entry of moisture and keeps the porous surface dry. This further prevents cracks and damages that may have occurred due to the water seeping into the concrete pores.

Sealer solutions help restore the damage and treat the surface mildly. A properly treated floor will not only become hard-wearing but will be easier to maintain as well.

For over 20 years, GuardIT Solutions has been providing high-end cleaning and sealer solutions all over Australia.

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Why Use a Porous All-Stone Sealer?

Sealing the pavers is an essential step of the installation process. The sealer helps protect the porous surface against staining and increases its lifespan.

The sealer designed using the fluoro-bond technology effectively penetrates the surfaces and repels dirt without affecting or harming the texture of your paving or floors.

Whether it is your patio, driveway or tiles, every surface is susceptible to damage and wear and tear. Not to forget, the accumulation of dust, debris and mildew can leave hard to remove stains. The Porous All-Stone Sealer prevents stains and protects the surface from the signs of aging.

The sealer removes dirt and grease effectively without leaving any residue behind. Another benefit of  Porous all-stone sealer is that it restores and rejuvenates the faded stone.

How Does It Work?

The porous  stone sealer creates a strong barrier between the outside elements that may stain the surface and the concrete. The barrier provides the surface with advanced chemicals in those liquids which can cause ongoing deterioration and penetrate deeper, becoming very hard to remove.

The sealer is resistant to prolonged sunlight exposure, it can be applied to interior and exterior natural stone floorings.

The sealer can be applied to various surfaces including terracotta, sandstone, limestone and cement pavers. The sealer solutions help to maintain the natural appearance of the sealed surface.


  • High-level resistance to abrasion, water and stains
  • Quick drying time
  • Repels dust and other contaminants
  • Prevents the entry of moisture and water
  • Reduces grime and efflorescence build-up
  • Keeps the surface non-slippery

Create a functional outdoor space by sealing the concrete surfaces.

Applying a sealer over the natural stone surface extends the life of the material and makes it more durable.

At GuardIT Solutions, shop for a water-based and environmentally-friendly sealer. All the products undergo a rigorous quality check protocol to ensure their durability and functionality.

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