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Insivi Shield – Protective Coating Paint

Concrete infrastructure requires heavy maintenance if you want to increase its lifespan. If the protective barrier is not strong enough, it may lead to surface deterioration.

The concrete used in buildings consists of reinforced steel and iron bars. Corrosion may occur if the surface is exposed to moisture and humidity for longer as it is a highly porous material. Whether it is a roof or a building structure, once the corrosion starts, it can cause leaks and cracks in the concrete.

To deal with such a problem, you need a wall paint protective coating that simply reduces corrosion by creating a barrier and limiting the exposure of the metal to outside elements.

At GuardIT Solutions, we ensure that our clients get the tailored solutions according to their requirements. We bring a range of exclusive protective coating paint products that offer long term protection against corrosion, abrasion and UV radiation.

Similarly, the Invisible paint protection film enhances the appearance of the surface and has high impact resistance. When you apply the protection film, you’ll be able to protect the wall paint from stains and scratches. The film has excellent adhesion and is suitable for outdoor use.

Discuss your project details with our team and we will deliver the products to your doorstep. Give us a call today and we would be happy to help you understand all about products and how they work.


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Invisishield- Get Superior Corrosion Protection with a Protective Coating

The role of Invisishield is to prevent spalling and steel expansion. A layer of protective coating paint is applied to steel and offers long-lasting results. This specialised coating system is durable and scratch resistant. You can use it for both small and large-scale buildings and structures.

We combine our innovative manufacturing technology and expertise to offer customised solutions using which our clients can transform their assets. The protective coating paint can be successfully optimised for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Point to remember:

Ensure the surface is properly cleaned and dried prior to the application of coating. Scrape the surface with a brush and apply thinner to remove any grease and dirt.

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Benefits of Wall Paint Protective Coating:

  1. Easy application process

The coating can be applied directly to the surface. Only one coat is enough if the concrete surface is free of dust, ink, graffiti and stains. Multiple coats can be applied to enhance the functionality and longevity of the infrastructure.

  1. High resistance

The wall paint protective coating has a high tolerance level when it comes to dealing with abrasion and daily wear and tear. The coating system works well regardless of the extent of the damage. It offers a comprehensive sealing and waterproofing solution to minimise the risk of concrete cancer.

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