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Graffiti Shield – Anti Graffiti Paint


Are you looking for cost-effective anti-graffiti solutions?

GuardIT Solutions offers a range of high-performance anti-graffiti paint products you have been looking for. Our products have high resistance and provide long-term protection against graffiti. The water-based and environmentally friendly coating system won’t discolour the stone or concrete surfaces.

We are the leading experts in delivering compatible and sustainable solutions. We strive to surpass our client’s expectations by providing customised products according to their budget and industry- specific requirements.

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Anti-Graffiti Coating

The graffiti protective coating does not require any specialised preparations of solvents or anti-graffiti acids. It is completely safe and does not contain any harmful and toxic chemicals.

Use either a roller or air spray for a smooth application. The wax-based and silicone-free formula is what makes it the best product. If you want to protect natural painted surfaces, then we recommend using a graffiti shield.

How Does It Work?

The anti-graffiti coating creates a protective surface that prevents the spray paint from bonding to the surface. The highly transparent coating can be sprayed on the affected area. The coating system forms a thin and very dense layer that prevents pens, ink and spray paint from adhering to the surface. The coating is resilient to acids and alkaline commercial graffiti removers.


  • Protects and refreshes existing surface paint
  • Conserves various painted surfaces
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Complete corrosion protection
  • Can be applied using rollers and sponges

What are the advantages of using anti-graffiti paint?

The anti-graffiti paint offers years of graffiti protection. The paint is available in different finishes including matt and gloss. The paint repels the graffiti and provides an additional protective layer. This coating system is suitable for a variety of surfaces such as brick, stone and concrete.

Anti-graffiti does not require the mixing of components. A transparent coating is created which facilitates 100% effective graffiti removal. The quick-drying formula removes graffiti with the use of just water and soap.

Key Benefits:

  • Applicable to various substrates
  • Offers an invisible anti-graffiti coating system
  • Provides complete surface protection
  • Retains the natural look and appearance of the surface

Why Choose Our Anti-Graffiti Coating Products?

The graffiti shield is a unique coating that creates a transparent surface and protects it against graffiti and poster stains. It has high anti-adhesive properties which prevent stickers, graffiti and posters from adhering to the surface. The coating is hardened by the air and works well on both smooth and porous surfaces.

The durable protective paint also protects the painted surface and walls from physical damage and UV rays. The graffiti protective coating is highly versatile and works well in adverse temperature and moisture level. The hardwearing coating is easy to clean, also there is no need to reapply the coating.

We at GuardIT Solutions, specialise in providing market-leading and cost-effective graffiti paints and removers suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

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