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Graffiti Removal Kit


Find everything you need to restore your building at GuardIT Solutions.

Graffiti from paints and pens can be extremely difficult to remove.

The paints are not easy to remove without the extensive use of chemicals. You need a product that is safer to use and provides instant results.

Whether you need to protect a concrete surface or a natural stone surface, we have the best graffiti removal products available online for purchase. Get rid of unwanted graffiti and protect your investment with our advance sustainable and protective solutions.

We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying a wide array of graffiti removal chemicals and cleaners. We assure our customers that all our products have been tested and meet Australian quality standards.

Our graffiti removal kit includes various types of solutions along with an advanced graffiti removal system. All the products are completely safe for everyday use and biodegradable.

The kit is designed while keeping the safety of our customers in mind. It enables the user to effortlessly remove graffiti and spray paint from surfaces.

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Box: 12 x 500gm, Box: 20 x Kit, Single Kit

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The kit contains:

  1. Graffiti remover

The graffiti remover is a safe alternative to solvent-based graffiti removers. It is effective on hard and soft surfaces. The clear and transparent coating works effectively on removing dry and acrylic paints. The remover is 100% free of methanol and halogenated solvents.

  1. Graffiti removal spray

The removal spray is designed to break even the toughest molecular bonds of paint particles. For quick and easy paint removal, you can use this spray. The spray only removes the graffiti without dissolving the paint.

  1. Graffiti removal chemicals

The removal chemicals can be used on cement, brick and other types of wooden surfaces. The graffiti is removed with the pressure washing technique. The non-chlorinated chemical has a low odour and can be applied without the use of any special tools or equipment.

  1. Trace and Ghost remover

Trace and ghost remover remove ghosting left on the surface. The remover is installed between the mixer and the injector; it removes the impurities from the surface. The kit is safe to use in and around public spaces.

  1. Application pots and brushes

Use the pots to store the graffiti removal products. The bristled scrubbing brush will help you to apply the chemicals evenly.

  1. Tape remover

The tape remover removes grease, oil and paint marks from the surface. It works perfectly well on different surfaces and fabrics.

Why Choose Our Graffiti Removal Kit?

  • Advanced graffiti removing liquid, gels and chemicals
  • Low odour and low environmental impact
  • No need for specialised tools
  • Provides quick and effective results
  • Made from biodegradable materials

At GuardIT Solutions, you will get easy-to-use cleaning products that comply with international regulations.

We stock non-toxic and organic products that are safe to the customers as well as the environment. The graffiti removal chemicals remove the graffiti without leaving any traces or paint residue behind.

Get all the graffiti removal products in one place with GuardIT Solutions.

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