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Graffiti Guard – Paint 1 Litre


GuardIT® Graffiti Guard is an environmentally responsible, water-based, two-pack, non-sacrificial protective coating system. Graffiti Guard is a surface coating designed to protect dense surfaces enabling easy removal of graffiti without damaging the substrate. Ideally used on perspex, painted surfaces, metal, signage and other dense surfaces.

The Graffiti Guard protects the surfaces against staining and permanent damage caused by chemical-based paints. It creates a barrier and prevents the paint/ink from penetrating the surface. This coating system can be applied both vertically or horizontally to the exterior surfaces. The Graffiti Guard paint is also free of NMP and perfumes. It can be easily removed using high-pressure hot water or a Graffiti Remover.

At GuardIT Solutions, we have a high level of experience in manufacturing products for cleaning and protection. Each product is tailored to the client’s specific requirements and usage conditions.

Reasons to choose Graffiti Guard:

  • Water-based two-pack product
  • Single coat application
  • Matte or Gloss finish
  • UV Stable
  • Non-sacrificial coating
  • Durable anti-graffiti coating
  • Simple & easy application
  • Easy graffiti removal
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Anti-graffiti Protection

GuardIT Graffiti Guard® is a water-based, non-sacrificial, anti-graffiti coating specially formulated to protect non-porous surfaces, such as metals and painted surfaces, from the permanent defacing of graffiti. It provides long lasting protection and great future savings, with a decorative surface finish that can be easily cleaned and maintained with our range of anti graffiti removers.



Graffiti Guard can be applied on surfaces including timber, metal and polymer. No paint stripper is required to remove the paint as the method of removal is environmentally friendly.


Easy Application and Removal

It has a UV resistant emulsion composition and can be applied using a brush or roller. It is non-corrosive and non-flammable. To remove the graffiti, clean the surface with hot water. This will create a stain-free surface.

Enduring Protection

GuardIT Graffiti Guard® can be applied directly to the surface creating a chemical resistant coating with the substrate. Once applied and allowed to cure, GuardIT Graffiti Guard® leaves a tough, durable, protective finish.


Natural Finishing

The Graffiti Guard provides a professional finish. The guard is used to preserve the natural look of a surface or building.

Instructions for handling the Graffiti Guard

  • Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes
  • Keep away from children
  • Ensure the room has adequate ventilation.
  • Use protective clothing and gloves while applying the guard.
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